Monday, November 22, 2010

RELIANCE 3G : Plans-Tariff-Coverage-3G Mobile & Data Card

Reliance Mobiles and Communications have recently launched their 3G ready GSM SIM cards service in few places across India. The critics are really happy at this move since the telecommunication giant had all these days been dependent on their CDMA data transfer communication technology and that’s why their rivals had move quite ahead of them. Now you can have the pleasure of using 3G with a Reliance SIM card. BSNL is the first to launch the 3G spectrum and was giving tough competition to the service provider.

With the launch of the Reliance 3G what people is expecting is that how the company would campaign with their basic plans, tariffs, and other sort of information. If you too have been looking forward to learn about the 3G SIM card and their plans check out the given below information where you can find some information and you may find it handy to choose some best plans to yourself.

1. New connection will cost you 25 Rs. For the New Reliance GSM SIM card only.

2. Local calls and SMS: Re.1

3. National SMS: Rs.1.5

4. National SMS: Rs.1.5

5. STD Calls: Rs. 1.5/-

6. Incoming calls (roaming): Rs. 1/-

7. Free talk time worth Rs 900 to call in Mumbai Maharashtra and Goa

8. Free calls from 11pm to 6am to Reliance CDMA/GSM network

Though Reliance has launched its 3G SIM card just recently, they were however providing the 3G broadband service through their latest Reliance NetConnect Broadband+ Evdo (3G). The Reliance NetConnect Broadband+ Evdo (3G) has been really wonderful since its launch and till now users have been really satisfied with its speed of data transfer, download and upload speed. This is the internet service that you are looking for all you business and personal needs.

The wireless coverage speed is nearly 3.1 Mbps which is excellent. You can download large files in very less time. There is no fluctuation of speed as in case of other USB modems of other network. The uniformity maintained by the Reliance NetConnect Broadband+ Evdo makes it perfect for wireless internet connection.

The 3G Reliance broadband is really a blessing for those who were looking forward to high speed internet service. One have access to internet across 35 cities with such 3G data card and apart from that one can has downlink speed of nearly 3.1 Mbps and 1.8 Mbps uplink speed. Enjoy a new age of broadband with Reliance 3G Evdo Netconnect data card.

As promotional offer Reliance is offering unlimited broadband service for 2 months when you just buy the modem for Rs 3,500/-. After that you can choose any of the plans that are being offered by Reliance Communications. You have night plans, night unlimited plans, nationwide unlimited plans, city based unlimited plans, fixed GB plans and various other plans that suit the needs of individuals.

The covered cities and villages have excellent connectivity as every location within the official territory of the cities and villages have connectivity. You can have a fair knowledge of the connectivity of Reliance Broadband+ Evdo from their official website.



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Anonymous said...

I tested the reliance 3G speed in Delhi (Laxmi Nagar).I get shocked that reliance 3G is giving maximum 9.40 Mbps speed.
It means you can download at 1.20Mbps.
and the minimum downloading speed is 200Kbps.

Its very good, thankx to Reliance.

Anonymous said...

I tested the reliance 3G speed in Delhi (Laxmi Nagar).I get shocked that reliance 3G is giving maximum 9.40 Mbps speed.
It means you can download at 1.20Mbps.
and the minimum download speed is 200Kbps.

Its very good, thanks to Reliance.

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